Auspicious Omens 祥瑞

Auspicious Omens – Xiaojing Yan solo exhibition
-by Curator Xiaodong Fu

How can one address indigenous traditions when globalization, modernism and progressivism constitute the only the dominant and legitimate ideologies? And how to reinterpret myth in a scientific context? How to rebuild our enchanted relationship with nature? “Auspicious Omens” the solo exhibition of Xiaojing Yan asks a number of probing questions which are both globally relevant and crucial to artistic discourse in China.

After we break through the knowledge systems embodied in specialized scientific disciplines, scaling their fortresses and traversing their plains, crossing from ancient to modern, we eventually meet that lone road that bridges the chasm between eastern and western culture. Xiaojing Yan is a female artist based in Canada and brings both a female and an international stance to the specificities of Chinese traditional culture…… click here to read more.