Cloudscape at ROM

Medium: paper and natural reed, Dimension: dimensions variable
Exhibition date: March 1, 2018 – November 30, 2019
Herman Hezog Levy Gallery
Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, Canada

Cloudscape is an elaborate installation work of constructed reed and paper forms that float and soar through space. The dramatic formation refers to traditional Chinese landscape painting where natural forms are re-interpreted under the lens of culture. What results are decorative motives, depicting water transforming into cloud, that become a convoluted representation of the natural. Yan’s work speaks of the reality of living with dualism. In these paper sculptures, Yan further her exploration of sculpture forms whose meaning is interwoven with the materials from which they are made. The light weight materials define not only shape, space and volume, but also the tradition where she came from. Through her work, Yan invites us to enjoy the magic show but gently makes us aware of underground assumptions and comfortable complacencies.