• Artist Rendering


Medium: Anodized Aluminum
Location: Elora Centre for the Arts
After researching on the Elora Centre for the Arts's history and the relation to water, the concept of transition and connection led me to the image of a ripple. I have always marveled at the multiple, intersecting, radiant rings produced by skipping a stone or the onset of rain. Human thoughts and actions, too, are like drops on the surface of a pond - they create ripples that travel outward. The vibrational alignment of ripple is like an expression. It can alter the tranquility of the moment. Every one of us is like a ripple on the pond. As artists, every inspiration and every creation by us is like a ripple. We all have the capacity to change the world in small ways. Awareness of the ripples we generate as individuals, within a community of others, allows us to sculpt our world. Each ripple travels and eventually collides and merges with others. It demonstrates how we all connected. My proposal is intended to engage people on the level of their own lived experience and inspire consideration of self among society.
The different sizes of rings create movement and rhyme. The pattern that resembles water wave as well as sound wave, is transmitting energy. Raising from wall allows the work to project shadows onto the building to create dimensions during the sunning days.