Lingzhi Cat


Mycelium, cultivated lingzhi mushrooms and wood chips

During the pandemic lock down, I created this sculpture work. I often spent a lot of time with my cat, watching her sleep quietly beside me. The sleeping posture of the cat brings together the dichotomy of life and death. On one hand, the position is a symbol of comfort and security with her muscles relaxed and breathing steady. On the other hand, it is also associated with death, as it is a common posture for individuals who have passed away, with its body in a peaceful and serene state. As I watched my cat in this position, I felt a sense of relaxation and safety, yet it also evoked the image of a cat who is no longer alive. This posture thus embodies the duality of life and death, offering both comfort and a reminder of our mortality, especially in this precarious time.

I created the work out of cultivated mushrooms, on one hand, it symbolizes decomposition, decay and cycle of life; on the other hand, lingzhi mushroom symbolizes immortality and healing. This imbues the work with more layers of meaning.